About us

 We believe…

…that by nourishing ourselves today we create lifelong benefits

…in the importance of nutrition in our children’s success during the school day

 …that everyone deserves to know what’s in their food and how the ingredients are grown and raised

 …in using local, organic, minimally-processed foods whenever possible

 …in protecting the environment by using only compostable packaging materials

 …it’s our responsibility to give back to our community

The Lunchbox LA brings much more than delicious food to the table. They bring a passion and commitment to their community. Because healthy food is a right, not a privilege. That’s why they launched The LUNCHBOX LA Community Outreach Program, which is committed to providing nutritious lunches to children in underserved communities. By linking up with PATH Gower, a facility that houses 18 elementary age children and their families, The Lunchbox LA is able to do just that. And our customers can also get involved by donating lunches straight from our site. Check out our Donate Page!

TLBLA is already feasting their eyes on the future, and how they plan to stay involved when kids return to school post-Covid. The plan is to link up with local LA schools in order to provide their yummy meal program to students on campus (yipee!). Stay tuned...




Rayna Marz (Co-Founder and CEO) 

The day her three children were sent home from school due to COVID, Rayna found herself making 15 meals a day! A devoted mommy and wife, Rayna also runs a busy interior design firm in LA. Let’s just say she found herself with too much on her plate. How could she keep up with her demanding job, and motherly/household duties, while also finding the time to prepare 3 meals a day for her family of 5?! She couldn’t. And she knew other parents would find themselves in the same pickle. That’s when she had her a-ha moment, and Lunchbox LA was born. Rayna reached out to her good friend and chef, Richard Lauter with her idea, and he immediately jumped on board.

Richard Lauter (Co-Founder and Culinary Director)

Meet Richard: A 5th generation Angeleno who has witnessed LA’s food scene evolve first-hand.  His passion for food began as a child, following his Jewish granny and Cuban abuela around their respective kitchens.  Richard learned at a young age how a shared meal can bring people together, and by age 14, he had taken on all the cooking responsibilities for his family of 5!  After his training at Spago Beverly Hills, Richard partnered with fellow Spago chef, Erez Levy, to open Savore Cuisine & Events.  Two decades later, SAVORE holds its place as one of LA’s premier catering and event firms. Richard has always approached cooking and hospitality from a holistic perspective.  His understanding of food is driven by passionate curiosity and balanced with a focus on sustainably-sourced ingredients.  Richard still loves cooking for his family, and as a father of teenage girls (both discerning foodies in their own rights), he has mastered the skill of translating the “food we want our kids to eat” into the “food that our kids want to eat.” 









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