Ambassador Programs

School Ambassador Program

Looking for a side business? Now is the time to earn money by signing up new families at your school.

We are seeking a select few individuals at each school in the Los Angeles area to become Ambassador’s. 

Ambassador’s will be eligible to earn thousands of dollars per week and receive discounted food. Responsibilities will include generating reviews, posting on social media and bringing in new customers.

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador please email us.


Charitable Ambassador Program

Earn free lunches for underprivileged children.

We have partnered with United in Harmony to offer FREE lunches delivered during our normal delivery schedule (Tues/Thurs) to children that otherwise would not have the opportunity to receive these healthy, organic delicious meals.

Earn $1 in Charity Points for each $10 spent that will be credited toward FREE lunches for children. Each $100 generated in your network will earn one child a delicious, healthy and FREE lunch.

  • Sign up 25 Family’s - earn 1,800 points = 180 FREE lunches for children!
    • Feed 45 children per week.
  • Sign up 100 Family’s - earn 7,000 points = 700 FREE lunches!
    • Feed 180 children per week.


Office Ambassador Program

Do you work with other people that often struggle for lunch ideas? Do you find your office spending time deciding what to order and then who orders it. Eliminate this entire nightmare by using The Lunchbox LA.

If we can deliver 10+ Lunches per day per week, you can receive FREE delivery. Also qualify for discounts if we are delivering 50+ Lunches per day.

  • No more than 1 per company
  • Free food for the Ambassador (1-lunch per day)
  • Must recruit at least 10 people from your office (we provide a standard email to use to encourage new signups)
  • Must be willing to act as a referral for anyone from your company
  • Must provide 1-review per month of a food item (posted to social or emailed into


POD's Ambassador Program

If you are hosting a POD we have the perfect option to help have all your weekly lunches delivered. We offer discount pricing available for 10+ lunches per day per week.

  • Lunches come separated and labeled for easy distribution
  • Lunches are prepared in a Covid-Safe kitchen and are delivered with safe protocols
  • Lunches for children are delicious, organic and healthy.









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